How to Add a Custom Background Picture in Windows Movie Maker 2.6

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You can use an existing picture as a background in your Windows Movie Maker 2.6 projects.

Black-and-white backgrounds provide the best contrast for titles and captions in your Movie Maker 2.6 video projects. If you want to elevate the aesthetic appeal and quality of your video project, however, you can add a custom background that incorporates the general theme or feel of your project. And while inserting custom backgrounds into your Movie Maker project is as simple as importing audio or video, there are some specific guidelines you must follow to properly insert pictures into Windows Movie Maker 2.6.


Step 1

Start Windows Movie Maker 2.6, and click "Open" if you need to load an existing project into the program.

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Step 2

Click "Collections" at the top of the program. Click on the "Collections" menu box, and select the Movie Maker collection folder you'd like to use to store your project's image file.


Step 3

Click on Movie Maker's "File" heading, and then select the "Import into Collections" option from the menu that appears. Using the file explorer window that appears, locate the image you'd like to convert. You can also select an entire folder of images. Click "Import." The new images will be added to Movie Maker's center Collections window.


Step 4

Click on the "Tools" heading at the top of the program, and then click on the "Options" heading. Click on the "Advanced" tab in the "Options" menu. Enter the desired display time for your image background in the "Picture duration" box, and click "OK."



Step 5

Switch Movie Maker to "Timeline" view. Click "Show Timeline." Drag and drop the desire image into the "Video" track in Movie Maker's "Timeline" window. Drag the background along the "Video" track to move it into the desired position.

Step 6

Click "Save" in Movie Maker's toolbar to save your work.



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