How to Repair a Burn in a Panasonic Plasma

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Repairing burn-in on a Panasonic plasma is feasible with the right full-screen images.

Although more difficult than in years past, image retention, or "burn-in," is still a possibility. Fortunately, in addition to manufacturers' efforts to reduce the possibility of it from happening in the first place, there are proven methods in reversing the (often temporary) damage. From test patterns to randomly moving images, it is possible to make the damage either less noticeable, or remove it entirely. Panasonic plasmas are no different than others when it comes to taking steps to mitigate or solve burn-in.


Step 1

Insert a DVD into the DVD player, consisting of full screen images that move often. Action movies are excellent for this purpose.

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Step 2

Place the DVD player into "Title Repeat" mode, using the remote control. Consult the manual if you're unsure how to do this. Let the process continue for 24 hours.


Step 3

Alternatively, place the TV onto an unused channel, causing the TV to display "snow," or static. Called "scrubbing," this random noise has been proven effective at reducing or eliminating image retention.


Step 4

Place all movies and shows into a "zoom" mode, to eliminate black bars or channel logos. Do so using the "Aspect" button on the remote.



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