How to Repair a Scratched Blu-ray

Damaged discs may be repairable.

Scratched Blu-ray discs need special care. Like DVD and CD discs, Blu-rays can be fixed, but not as easily. The increased data content and hardness of Blu-rays makes it more difficult to return them to a playable state, but not impossible for discs without too much damage. Household cleaners and polishes may be all you need to bring those damaged discs back to life. Even if the discs can't be repaired at home, other options cost less than replacing them.

Inspect the Blu-ray Disc

Step 1

Look closely at the non-label side of the Blu-ray disc. Check for dirt and fingerprints.

Step 2

Inspect the label side of the disc for damaged. Pitting and scratches that go through the label damage data. The disc will need to be replaced.

Step 3

Note deep scratches on the non-label side of the disk. Severely scratched discs need professional repair or replacement.

Clean the Disc

Step 1

Spray window cleaner on the disc and gently wipe from the center to the edge of the disc with a soft polishing cloth. Small scratches affect playback more if dirt is present.

Step 2

Turn the cloth over and wipe the disc until dry.

Step 3

Place the disc in the Blu-ray player and start the playback. If it doesn't play, remove the disc.

Polish the Disc

Step 1

Apply household furniture polish to the disc. Use just enough to lightly cover the disc on the scratched side.

Step 2

Wipe the disc from center to the edges with a clean polishing cloth. Turn the cloth over and dry the Blu-ray disc.

Step 3

Return the disc to the player. If the disc does not play, remove it from the player.

Step 4

Toothpaste helps polish disc surfaces.

Apply a small amount of toothpaste to the scratched surface of the disc. Use enough to leave a thin film on the damaged surface.

Step 5

Remove the toothpaste with a soft polishing cloth, working from center to edge. Turn the cloth over and rub the disc until free of toothpaste. Test the disc for playability.

Use a Disc Repair Tool

Step 1

Visit a retailer to purchase a disc repair tool. Many electronics and game store keep disc repair tools in stock.

Step 2

Spray distilled water on the disc surface and insert the disc into the repair tool.

Step 3

Turn the handle of the repair tool. The disc will rotate as an abrasive wheel removes a small layer of the disc.

Step 4

Dry the Blu-ray disc with a clean cloth. Try to play the disc in a Blu-ray player.

Things You'll Need

  • Furniture polish

  • Toothpaste

  • Window cleaner

  • Clean polishing cloths

  • Disc repair tool

  • Distilled water


Store discs at all time when not in use to avoid damage.
Only handle discs by edges to keep discs free of fingerprints and oils.


Not all damaged discs can be repaired.

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