How to Repair a Walkman Cassette

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An unwound cassette can be a nightmare

Cassettes are becoming largely obsolete with the development of CD and MP3 players. However, some people still use cassette Walkmans to play their music and if it should stop working it can mean the loss of some cherished songs and mixes. Don't despair yet, your music may be able to be rescued using a few simple tricks. You should be able to fix and diagnose your Walkman in just a few minutes.


Step 1

Check the basics first. Remove the battery cover and check the batteries are inserted the correct way round and making a contact with the metal connections. Make sure the volume is turned up and the headphones fully inserted. Make sure the tape is rewound in the machine or try turning it over. Change the batteries in the Walkman.


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Step 2

Open the Walkman and press the play button. See if the tape heads begin to turn. If the heads to not move, try pressing fast-forward or re-wind. If there is no motion from within the Walkman the problem may be to do with the power supply or the motors which turn the tape.

Step 3

Try a new tape in the Walkman. It may be the case that the Walkman itself is working but the tape is damaged. Make sure to properly insert the tape so the tape turning mechanism is inserted through the holes in the cassette.



Step 4

Blow inside the Walkman. After years and even decades of use, dust and debris can build up inside the machine and prevent it from working properly. If dust has built up on the reading head of the Walkman, consider purchasing a head cleaning cassette.




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