How to Stop Cassette Adapter From Ejecting

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Insert a regular cassette tape to determine if the deck ejects it as well.

A cassette adapter is a device that allows you to play any external audio device with a headphone jack through a car tape deck and its speakers. The device is shaped like a normal tape cassette and has a cord with a jack streaming out of the side of the cassette. Some cassette adapter cords can be adjusted to fit all cassette decks. After you've inserted the cassette adapter, the tape deck might not accept the cassette and repeatedly eject it.


Step 1

Insert the tape adapter into the tape deck with the corded side facing out. Avoid inserting the cassette with the corded side facing in, because it takes up too much of the little space available inside the cassette bay.

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Step 2

Pull the ejected adapter tape from the tape deck, reorient the cassette adapter and reinsert it into the tape deck at a different angle, if possible.


Step 3

Press the playback direction button on the tape deck to change the playback direction of cassette adapter. The cassette adapter starts to play.

Step 4

Insert a cleaning cassette into the tape deck to clean it. The adapter might be inadvertently ejected, because the tape deck is malfunctioning due to dirt on the heads.


Step 5

Eject the cassette adapter and inspect the spindle teeth of the wheel gear on the adapter. If the wheels and teeth contain blockage, clean them with a soft cloth and mild cleaner until free of blockage. Allow the tape adapter to dry and reinsert it into the cassette player.


Step 6

Insert a very small Phillips screwdriver into each screw of the cassette adapter casing and unscrew them. Gently pull the two pieces apart and keep each component in place as you inspect the rotating components for dirt or blockage. Carefully clean any grime from the inside of the cassette casing. After the newly cleaned components are dry, put the tape back together and screw the screws back into place.

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