How to Replace a Graphics Card in a Dell Latitude D630

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Replace the system board to replace the graphics card

Dell Latitude D630 laptops shipped with either a workstation graphics card or integrated graphics. D630s with graphics cards have the NVIDIA Quadro NVS 135M installed. The Quadro NVS 135M is one of many cards in NVIDIA's NVS M line and was engineered specifically for the D630. It is not possible to replace the graphics card or the integrated graphics chip in a D630 without replacing the system board. Other system boards -- such as the Dell Latitude D630c board -- can accommodate newer graphics cards and chips. Whether you are replacing or upgrading, you'll need to remove the existing D630 board.


Step 1

Remove any installed media bay device.

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Step 2

Remove any installed smart cards or smart card blanks from the smart card slot.

Step 3

Remove the hinge cover.

Step 4

Remove the keyboard.

Step 5

Remove the memory module(s).


Step 6

Remove any installed wireless communications cards.

Step 7

Remove the palm rest.

Step 8

Remove the modem.

Step 9

Remove the speaker.

Step 10

Remove the PC Card reader.

Step 11

Remove the processor thermal-cooling assembly.


Step 12

Remove the processor.

Step 13

Disconnect the fan cable from the system board.

Step 14

Disconnect the cables near the WLAN card and the modem connector from the system board.

Step 15

Remove the four M2.5 x 5-mm screws (labeled with silver triangles on the system board).

Step 16

Remove the four 5-mm hex screws on the back of the computer.

Step 17

Lift the system board out and away from the base.


Turn off your computer before disassembling it.

Handle all computer components with care.

Periodically ground yourself to avoid electrostatic discharge.


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