How to Replace an ASUS Motherboard Battery

By Contributing Writer

ASUS motherboards, manufactured for both Intel and AMD processors, are a popular choice for custom-built computers. The motherboard’s battery is a flat, round 3-volt lithium battery. This battery, which is installed in a special motherboard socket, powers up CMOS (complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor). CMOS is an integrated motherboard chip that stores current BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) settings, such as system date and time. A CMOS battery may last for many years, but eventually dies. So you need to replace it.

Things You'll Need

  • New CMOS battery

Step 1

Purchase a new CMOS battery available from many retailers (see Resources section). ASUS motherboards typically use a lithium CR2032 battery.

Step 2

Turn off the computer.

Step 3

Remove the computer case side panel.

Step 4

Lay the computer on its side.

Step 5

Find the CMOS battery that is situated in the socket approximately in the center of the motherboard.

Step 6

Touch an unpainted metal part of the computer case or another metal surface to discharge static electricity.

Step 7

Lift the CMOS battery out of its socket, using your fingers, and set it aside.

Step 8

Insert the new lithium battery gently into the socket. Make sure that the battery's positive pole, marked with a plus sign (+), faces up.

Step 9

Move the computer into the upright position and close the side panel of the computer case.

Step 10

Press the “Power” button to turn the computer on.