How to Reprogram a Metro Service Phone If It Isn't Sending or Receiving Text Messages

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Perform a "hard reset" if your phone can no longer text.

Sending and receiving text messages is a convenient way of keeping in touch with your friends and family without having to talk to them on the phone. Like other mobile providers, MetroPCS offers a wide array of mobile devices for your use. When your MetroPCS phone fails to send and receive text messages, but you can still make phone calls, the phone needs to be reset with a procedure called "hard reset." The hard reset restores the phone to the condition it was in when you received it from MetroPCS, including the appropriate data settings.


Step 1

Dial 611 to reach a MetroPCS customer service agent. Make sure that your text message service has not been blocked or disabled. If it has, you will be unable to send and receive text messages.

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Step 2

Back up the data on your phone. Connect the phone to your computer using its USB cable. Windows Mobile Device Center will open. Click "Set up this device." Select the data to back up, such as contacts or calendar entries. Click "Next." Enter a name for the device and click "Set up." The data will be transferred to your computer.


Step 3

Perform a hard reset on your Samsung Galaxy Indulge mobile device. Press "End" to reach the device's home screen. Click "Settings," "Privacy" "Factory Data Reset" and "Reset Phone." Tap "Erase Everything."

Step 4

Perform a hard reset on your BlackBerry Curve 8530. Click "Home," "Options," "Security" and "Security Wipe." Select the check mark next to each set of data stored on the device, including contacts and applications. Do not select "Media Card." Data stored on the media card do not effect your text message settings. Type "BlackBerry" and select "Wipe." The phone will be reset to its factory condition.



Step 5

Reset your LG Optimus. Press Menu," "Settings," "Privacy," "Factory Data Reset" and "Reset Phone." Enter your phone password, if prompted. Select "Erase Everything."

Step 6

Connect the phone to your computer again using its USB cable. Windows Mobile Device Center will open and automatically transfer the data back to your phone, since you already configured the device.

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