How to Transfer Files From a Micro SD Without an Adapter

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Transfer files from your micro SD card without an adapter.

Micro-SD cards can store gigabytes of data in a very small space. They are used with cell phones, USB modems and other small devices. Normally, you would need a micro-SD card adapter to transfer files from your card to your computer, but you can also transfer files without an adapter using a cell phone with a micro-SD card slot.


Step 1

Insert your micro SD card into your cellular phone's SD card slot.

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Step 2

Connect your cellular phone to your computer with a compatible USB data cable.

Step 3

Click on "My computer" or "Computer" from your start menu. Double-click on your cellular phone's icon.



Step 4

Locate the files on your micro-SD card that you would like to transfer. Drag and drop them to your computer's desktop or a folder elsewhere on your computer.



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