How to Connect a Telephone to a PC

Using the Internet to make telephone calls has become an excellent way to stay in touch with friends and family while also saving money. In some instances, using a headset and microphone can be irksome and inconvenient. When your ear becomes tired from the clutches of your headset, it is best to make use of your old landline telephone for convenience and comfort by plugging it into your computer.

Telephones are adaptable to computers.

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Telephone line jack.

Locate the end of the telephone cord.

Telephone USB.

Connect the telephone cord jack to the USB telephone adapter. You can find a USB telephone adapter at computer parts stores and retail outlets that sell computer or phone equipment.

USB port.

Plug the USB into your computer's USB port. This port is usually located in the back of your desktop or in the lower front end. Laptop USB ports are usually located on either side.

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