How to Make a Phone Discoverable

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By making your phone discoverable, you are able to connect it to many different hands-free devices.

Using Bluetooth, it is possible to send files to your phone from a PC and not be in the same room as the PC. This feature is available on most smartphones today. With the advancements in technology, the distance between the Bluetooth headset and the phone is increasing. This bond is simply created by pairing the Bluetooth headset or computer to the phone. In order to do this, the phone must be put in a mode to be seen by the device.


Step 1

Open the "Bluetooth" folder in the "Options" menu. This menu is usually located in the Settings or Maintenance folder.

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Step 2

Click "Yes" in the discoverable bar in the Options menu.

Step 3

Open the side menu and save the changes.


Once in discoverable mode, it is possible to connect device to computer as well as wireless headsets.