How to Upload Photos to a Computer Using Bluetooth

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Bluetooth is a quick, convenient way to transfer photos from phone to computer

Bluetooth is an open wireless standard that allows users to transfer data between devices over short distances. This data can be transferred between fixed and mobile devices and is highly secure. Many users transfer photographs to their computers from their phonesusing either built-in Bluetooth capability or a Bluetooth device that can be attached to many computers. Using Bluetooth to transfer photographs to your computer can save time because it doesn't require you to swap SD cards or plug into your computer.


Step 1

Ensure Bluetooth is turned on for your computer. If you don't have Bluetooth on your computer but your computer is Bluetooth compatible, you can purchase a Bluetooth device to plug into the USB port of your computer.

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Step 2

Go to the "Settings" menu on your phone. Look for "Bluetooth" or "Wireless" settings. It varies on different models of phones, so you may have to consult the manual for your specific phone if you can't find it easily. You may need to select "Enable Bluetooth" from this menu if your Bluetooth isn't already on.


Step 3

Click on the "Find Bluetooth Device" option. Your phone will search for any nearby Bluetooth devices. Be sure you stand close enough to your computer for your phone to pick up its Bluetooth. A maximum of 30 feet is required. Less is better.


Step 4

Allow your phone to find your computer. When the list of compatible devices displays on your phone screen, select your computer from the list. It should be the only device found. You will be prompted to accept or decline pairing with your computer. Choose accept. Enter your password if prompted.


Step 5

Browse to the location on your phone where your pictures are located and select the pictures you want to transfer. If given the option to copy or move, choose the copy option to send copies of the photographs to your computer. The move option will move the pictures from your phone completely.




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