How to Download Photos From a Motorola Cell Phone

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Motorola cell phones do more than just make and receive calls. For example, a Motorola cell phone can take pictures (some models will even take lengthy videos). You can scroll through the photos on your phone and view them on a tiny screen. But if you want to view your pictures on a larger screen, or save them permanently, you should transfer the photos to your computer.


Step 1

Connect the USB cord to your Motorola cell phone and to your computer. Turn your phone on if you have not already.

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Step 2

Access the "Removable Devices" on your computer. You can find "Removable Devices" under "Computer," which should be located on your computer's desktop.


Step 3

Left-click on your phone's icon, then the picture of the folder. The folder contains all of the photos that you have stored on your Motorola phone.


Step 4

Right-click on the photo you want to download and scroll down to "Send." Choose the location for your photo to transfer. Repeat for each photo. If you want to download all the photos, simply left-click on the folder, scroll down to "Send" and choose the location for your photos.




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