How to Use Vzwpix

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Verizon Wireless customers can use the Verizon Pix Place service, formerly called VZW Pix service, to transfer photos from their cell phones to the Internet through a picture message. Once a photo has been uploaded to the Pix Place website, they can view it and download it to their computer or another device. The Pix Place service is free for Verizon customers, but uploading images may result in charges depending on your text messaging plan.


Things You'll Need

Video of the Day

  • Verizon Wireless cell phone with camera

Video of the Day

Step 1

Open the photo on your Verizon Wireless cell phone that you want to upload to VZW Pix.


Step 2

Choose the "Send to Online Album" option and then wait for the image to be uploaded to the VZW Pix site.

Step 3

Open any standard Web browser on your PC or Mac computer.

Step 4

Navigate to the Verizon Multimedia Messaging Web page (see Resources).


Step 5

Click on the "Sign In" button in the upper-right corner of the window and log on to the site using your username or cell phone number. If you do not already have a VZW Pix account, you can create one by clicking on the "Register Online" link.


Step 6

Click on the "My Media" tab at the top of the window to view your uploaded photos.


Tips & Warnings

  • Not all phones have the ability to send video messages.



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