How to Send Photos to CVS

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You can send your digital photos to CVS for printing.

You have digital photos on your computer that you want to print. CVS makes it simple to send your digital photos to a convenient CVS location for printing.


Step 1

Access the CVS Photo page (see References).

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Step 2

Click the "Upload Photos" option near the top left of the screen. You will be redirected to a new page.

Step 3

Name your album in the appropriate text field (the default name is the date).


Step 4

Click the "Choose Photos" option. A pop-up window with the digital photos on your computer will appear.


Step 5

Select the photos you want to send to CVS for printing by clicking on them.


Step 6

Click the "upload" option. Your photos will be uploaded to the CVS site.

Step 7

Select your album and click "Add to Cart." You are now able to order your prints from CVS.

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