How to Transfer Mobile Pictures to Walmart Photo

By SaraHaley

Signing up for a Walmart Digital Photo Center account online allows you to upload photos from your digital camera, computer or cellular phone. Using email, you can send any digital photo stored on your cell phone to your account, no matter where you are.

Step 1

Create a Walmart Digital Photo Center account through the photo website. Click the "New Customer? Start Here" option near the "Sign In" link in the upper right of the screen. Creating an account is free and allows you to upload unlimited photos to share with family and print at your local Walmart store.

Step 2

Add your cell phone number to your Walmart Digital Photo Center account information and save the changes.

Step 3

View the image on your phone that you want to add to your Walmart Digital Photo Center account.

Step 4

Go to the photo's options menu on your phone and select the "Send" option.

Step 5

Email the cell phone image to and click "Send."

Tips & Warnings

  • If your cell phone service provider charges for multimedia messages, emails and texts, you may incur additional fees for using this service. Contact your cellular service provider to ensure no additional charges will be made on your account when using the Walmart photo center digital save option.