How to Convert a Corded Phone to Cordless

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How to Convert a Corded Phone to Cordless
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A cordless telephone provides greater freedom of movement than a phone that uses a telephone cord to connect to a phone line. To convert a corded phone into a cordless model, connect the corded phone to a wireless telephone transmitter kit. A number of these kits are available from electronic stores or hobby shops. The use of a wireless transmitter and receiver eliminates the need for any modification of the corded phone or telephone line.


Step 1

Place the telephone transmitter from the wireless telephone transmitter kit next to a phone outlet, for example, a phone jack mounted at the base of a wall. Plug the transmitter's power cord into an AC wall outlet for power.

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Step 2

Remove the telephone cable's modular plug from the phone jack. Plug the modular plug into one of the two input ports on the dual phone adapter. Plug the dual phone adapter into the phone jack.


Step 3

Plug one end of a telephone cable into the free input port on the dual phone adapter. Plug the other end of the telephone cable into the input port on the telephone transmitter. Press the transmitter's power button to turn it on.

Step 4

Unplug the telephone handset's modular cord from the telephone base station. Plug the modular cord into the input port on the modular-to-mini-jack adapter. Plug the modular-to-mini-jack adapter into the input port on the wireless telephone transmitter kit's receiver.



Step 5

Turn the receiver over. Remove the battery cover from the bottom. Insert batteries into the battery compartment, lining up the positive and negative contacts on the batteries with the same name-labeled text inside the compartment. Replace the battery cover.

Step 6

Place the corded phone handset against your ear. Press the buttons on the receiver to bring up a dial tone on the handset. Press the numeric keys on the receiver to place a call.



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