How to Scramble a Cell Phone

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How to Scramble a Cell Phone. Today's technology makes it easy for anyone to listen in on your cell phone conversations. To stop this from happening you can scramble your cell phone using the different available methods to ensure secure calls. Fight technology with even more advanced technology to keep your personal information safe through additional hardware and software.


Step 1

Purchase a hardware device, or "scrambler," for each cell phone that is part of the conversation you want to scramble.

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Step 2

Research the options available for your particular phone. For example, some scramblers include a cable that works with cell phones that have a 2.5 mm headset. Purchase an adapter if your phone model isn't compatible with your cable.


Step 3

Attach the hardware device to each phone using the correct cable for your phone.

Step 4

Download software for your cell phone to allow secure calls. Depending on the type of phone you have, free software is available that uses cryptography. Make sure the software consists of both key exchange and voice encryption for optimum security.


Step 5

Install scrambling software on each cell phone participating in the private conversation. Read the instructions carefully for easy setup.



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