How to Reset a Roomba


Technology has greatly progressed over the past century. This is true even for our cleaning machines. The first vacuum was invented in 1868 and used a hand crank mechanism. The vacuum has come so far since then, that we don't even need our hands to vacuum our carpets. The invention of the Roomba has taken cleaning to a new level. Knowing how to do "housekeeping" on your Roomba will ensure that it lasts until the next huge vacuum breakthrough. Read on to learn how to reset a roomba.

Step 1

Carefully turn your Roomba onto its back so that the underside is facing up. Sit it lightly down. It is a very expensive piece of equipment and it would be a shame if you broke its back.

Step 2

Remove the Roomba's battery. Do this by using two fingers to press on the battery release tabs. After removing the battery, carefully turn the Roomba back over.

Step 3

Press and hold the power button down for at least five seconds. Again, carefully turn the Roomba back over onto its back.

Step 4

Reinstall the battery back into your Roomba. Do this by letting the battery slide back into its place, then applying pressure until it pops securely back into place.

Step 5

Plug your Roomba into its charger. Avoid using the Roomba Home Base if you have one so that the charge cycle is not interrupted. Allow the Roomba to charge for 72 hours. If there is no difference in your Roomba's run-time after charging for 72 hours, you will need to contact iRobot by going to the iRobot website and clicking "Support."


Even if the lights on your Roomba indicate that it is fully charged, allow it to charge the full 72 hours.