How Do I Turn Up the Volume on My Toshiba Computer?

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A computer mouse can be used to control most Toshiba volume functions.

Toshiba computers are equipped with several features for adjusting audio settings, including the volume, when enjoying multimedia content. In addition, external speakers connected to a Toshiba will also have a volume control that can be set to personal listening preferences. Toshiba computers are typically sold with a Windows operating system already installed, so the Windows volume adjustments are essentially the same on any Toshiba laptop or PC. Clicking and sliding the volume control with a mouse takes only a few seconds.


Step 1

Click on the speaker icon on the lower right corner of the screen in the taskbar to open a window.

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Step 2

Click and hold the left mouse button on the volume slider control, then drag the control up or down with the mouse to increase or decrease the volume.


Step 3

Click the Microsoft Flag or "Start" button, depending on the operating system, in the lower left corner to select and click once on "Hardware and Sound."


Step 4

Click "Adjust system sound" to set sound level for various functions on the Toshiba by clicking and dragging the slider controls. Dragging the controls upward increases the volume.

Step 5

Turn the volume control knob clockwise on the front of an external speaker connected to the computer to increase the sound level.

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