How Do I Put a Password on a Toshiba Computer?

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If you just bought a brand-new Toshiba computer, one of the first things you should do is to password-protect it. Enabling a password prevents the data on your computer from being compromised if your computer is stolen or lost. Toshiba computers are sold with the Windows operating system preinstalled. Windows allows passwords to be set up on the user accounts on the system to protect the computer. Enabling a password in your user account in Windows automatically password-protects your Toshiba computer.


Step 1

Click "Start," and then select "Control Panel."

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Step 2

Click "User Accounts and Family Safety" in the upper right corner of the window.

Step 3

Click "User Accounts" at the top of the window.


Step 4

Click "Create a Password for Your Account," and then type a password in the "Password" text box. Retype the password in the second text box to confirm you entered the password correctly.


Step 5

Type a hint for your password in the "Type a Password Hint" text box, and then click "Create Password." Your Toshiba computer is now password-protected.

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