How to Password Protect My HP Computer

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Computers and operating systems come with a number of features that let you set various levels of security to keep your system and data safe. Data encryption and firewalls are two such features, but passwords tend to be the default security option. Windows lets you enable a password on your user account that you must type in to gain access to your computer, and you can also use it on your screen saver. You can protect your computer by enabling a password on your Windows user accounts.


Step 1

Log in to your computer's administrative account. This account can set its own password, but can also set passwords for any of the others if you use multiple user accounts.

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Step 2

Click "Start," select "Control Panel" in All Items View and click on "User Accounts."


Step 3

Click "Create a password for your account." If there is already a password on your main account and you want to add one to another account, click "Manage another account" and select "Create a password."

Step 4

Type in the password of your choice and type it again to confirm it. If you want a password hint, type that in the box below. When finished, click the "Create password" button.



Step 5

Return to the "User Accounts" screen to verify that your account is password-protected. If it has worked correctly, you will see "Password protected" next to your user icon.




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