How Do I Turn Off the Password on Windows Startup?

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If you are the only person who has access to your computer, you can remove the option to enter a password to access the system, since you probably do not need to protect your computer. One way that Windows enables you to secure your computer is to password-protect your user accounts. Once password protection is activated, you must enter your account password to gain access to the system. Not having to enter a password reduces the time it takes you to log in to the system.


Step 1

Click "Start" and then choose "Control Panel" to open the Control Panel window.

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Step 2

Click "User Accounts and Family Safety" and then select "Change Your Windows Password" under "User Accounts."


Step 3

Click "Remove Your Password" under "Make Changes to Your Account."


Step 4

Type your current password in the box under "Are You Sure You Want to Remove Your Password" and then click the "Remove Password" button. You can now log on to your Windows account without entering a password.




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