How to Bypass the HDD Password on a Toshiba Laptop

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A Troubleshooting a Toshiba Laptop

If you have a Toshiba laptop, you may have to troubleshoot the password for the HDD, or Hard Disk Drive. Understanding the simple concepts included with a Toshiba laptop such as the system utilities may enable you to fix your own system and eliminate the need to take it into the shop for repair. When utilizing the system utilities of each brand of computer, each brand has its own remedy to bypass the HDD password.


Step 1

Boot up your Toshiba laptop.

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Step 2

Press the "F2" key on your Toshiba keyboard to enter the Setup Utility.

Step 3

Click the "Security" on the Setup Utility menu.


Step 4

Enter the new password in the Setup User Password dialogue box and press "Enter."


Step 5

Click the "Exit tab" on the Setup Utility Menu, click "Exit Saving Changes" and then click "Yes." Your computer system will automatically reboot.

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