How to Reset Apple Safari

By J.T. Barett

Step-by-step instructions for clearing the browser cache in OS X Safari. In Version 8, the Reset Safari button has been replaced with simpler controls.

With version 8 of the Mac’s Safari browser, Apple simplified some maintenance options, including removing the comprehensive Reset feature found in prior versions. You can, however, still do many of the same tasks it performed, such as clearing the browser of old Web pages, cookies and other data.

Reset Browser History and Cookies

This option clears many items from Safari’s browser history including the pages you’ve visited, the list of downloaded items but not the files themselves, searches, cookies and website data.

Step 1

Launch Safari, click the History menu, and then click the selection, Clear History and Website Data... to bring up the Clear History dialog box.

Step 2

Clear History

Click the drop-down list of options to select the last hour, today, today and yesterday, or all history. Click the Clear History button to remove the data for the time range you selected.

Remove Cookies Only

Step 1


Click the Safari menu, and then click Preferences...

Step 2

Privacy screen

Click the Privacy icon to show privacy management options. Click the Details... button to show a list of cookies and other data.

Step 3

Remove cookies

Select website names in the list, and then click the Remove button to remove the ones you selected, or click the Remove All button to remove all cookies. Click the Done button when you’re finished.