How to Reset the Channels on a Zenith TV

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Resetting the channels on a Zenith TV takes a few moments while it scans for reception.

Sometimes it may be necessary to reset the channels on a Zenith television. If new channels are added within your geographic area, if you move, install a new antenna, or the power goes out, reset the Zenith's channels. It's important to remember that anytime you adjust a digital antenna, the channels need resetting. Resetting channels on Zenith televisions involves re-scanning -- where the television searches out broadcast signals available in your location with your equipment and commits the frequency to memory for recall later.

Step 1

Perform an "EZ Scan" by pressing the "Menu" button and then using the up and down arrow keys to select "Setup." Then choose "EZ Scan" and press the "Enter" button. The scan will commence and search for available broadcast and cable channels. This new channel search will be memorized.

Step 2

Run a manual scan if your programming choices are more elaborate. If channels you know should be available are missing, or if you need to choose a digital cable signal, sometimes called CADTV, run a manual scan. Follow the same process as in the previous step, but choose "Manual Scan" and follow the prompts appropriate for your setup, for example, choose "CADTV" when prompted.

Step 3

Delete scanned channels that you don't want. For example, you may not want to have certain language, or shopping channels memorized. From "Setup" choose "Channel Edit" and use the arrow buttons to scroll through the channels there. Use the "Enter" button to delete ones you don't want. Use "Fav" to add channels to your favorites. Press "Exit" to return to television watching.