How to Back Up Files From My DirecTV HD DVR

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You can record programming with your DirecTV service.

When using a DirecTV DVR (digital video recorder), you can record programming from your satellite service at any time you wish, allowing you to view the content at a later date. If you want to back up your show recordings onto your computer or other device, you need to record the DirecTV HD DVR content onto an external hard drive.


Step 1

Power down the DirecTV HD DVR. Plug the eSATA cable into the eSATA connection port on the rear of the device. Attach the other end of the cable into the eSATA port on your external hard drive. The eSATA cable provides a superior connection method faster than both USB and FireWire.

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Step 2

Power on the eSATA hard drive and turn on the DirecTV HD DVR. The DirecTV equipment automatically detects the hard drive and records all future saved content onto the new hard drive.


Step 3

Power down the DirecTV HD DVR and the eSATA hard drive after you have recorded programming.

Step 4

Insert the USB data cable onto the USB port on the hard drive. Connect the free end into a USB port on the computer. Power on the hard drive. The computer wil state it has detected the equipment.



Step 5

Click Start" and "Computer." Double-click the hard drive icon. A window loads with all the files currently saved on the drive, including the recorded DirecTV DVR files. Click-and-drag the saved files from the open window onto the desktop to back up the information onto your computer.




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