How to Connect a DVR to a Computer

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How to Connect a DVR to a Computer
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Connecting a Digital Video Recorder to a computer requires a cable equipped with HDMI (High Definition Media Interface) cables on both ends, or an HDMI connector on one end and RCA-type audio/video jacks or a USB connector on the other end, depending on the available connection pots on the DVR. Regardless of the cable you use, the connection is fast and you'll be recording to the DVR or uploading content to the computer in a few minutes.


Step 1

Attach an audio/video cable to the back of the DVR. If using an HDMI cable, simply align the prongs from the cable plug with the jack on the DVR and attach securely. If using RCA-type plugs, insert the red and white audio plugs into the red and white audio jacks (right and left, respectively) on the back of the DVR.


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Step 2

Attach the other end of the cable to the computer using an HDMI connector or USB port.

Step 3

Power up the equipment and wait for the computer to display a "found new hardware" message, then follow the prompts to launch your software for downloading DVR recordings to the computer, or uploading data from the computer hard drive to the DVR.

Things You'll Need

  • DVR

  • Computer or laptop

  • Software compatible with the DVR programming

  • Appropriate connecting cable


Uploaded data from your computer to the DVR can be displayed on a TV monitor, so you can watch movies previously downloaded to the computer or display a slideshow of digital images from your computer.


Disconnect all equipment from power sources while making connections.