How to Record From the Computer to a DVD Recorder

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Recording content from a computer to a DVD recorder requires a special audio-video cable available at electronics stores. The cable connects to an open USB port on the computer, with standard RCA-type video and audio plugs on the opposite end for patching into a DVD recorder. With a supply of blank, recordable DVDs, almost any content you can download and store on a computer hard drive can be burned to a disc for viewing on home theater systems or computers equipped with a DVD player.


Step 1

Connect the USB plug on the cable to an open USB port on the computer.

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Step 2

Connect the RCA plugs on the other end of the cable to the Input jacks on the back of the DVD recorder. Use the yellow plug for the video jack and the white and red plugs for the left and right stereo audio connections.


Step 3

Place a blank, recordable disc into the DVD recorder's tray.

Step 4

Open the multimedia software on the computer.

Step 5

Click on the Media or Sync tab at the top of the screen.


Step 6

Choose Open Capture Device or Sync Device, depending on the software installed on the computer.


Step 7

Click on "DVD recorder" or the default name the computer assigns for the USB port connecting the DVD recorder to the computer. This tells the computer to send the audio/video signal to your chosen device.


Step 8

Open the file for the program to be recorded and press Play or Playback in the computer's multimedia software.

Step 9

Press Record on the DVD recorder control panel or use the remote control to begin recording the program from the computer to a DVD.

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