How to Connect a Camera to a Dish DVR

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A digital video recorder (DVR) is typically used to record content played over your television. Many cable providers give DVR devices to subscribers for using their services. However, you don't need to just record television shows over the DVR, and it is possible to connect a video camera to the digital video recorder and record whatever the video camera is seeing onto the hard drive of the DVR.


Step 1

Connect a three to one RCA cable to the video camera. Video cameras have a single jack that allows both the audio and video portions to be split out into the three RCA cables.

Step 2

Connect a RCA to coaxial cable adapter onto the end of the yellow cable. The yellow cable is the video portion of the RCA cables and can only connect to the DVR via coaxial cable.

Step 3

Insert the Yellow RCA/coaxial cable into the coaxial cable port on the DVR. Plug the red and white cables of the RCA cable into the red and white audio ports on the DVR.


Step 4

Power on both the DVR and the video camera. The DVR is going to read the camera as its input device and record all content played from the video camera.

Things You'll Need

  • DVR

  • Video Camera

  • RCA Cable

  • Coaxial Cable Adapter