Types of Video Input Devices

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An input device is any device that sends data from an outside source into a processing system such as a computer or television. A video input device is any device that sends video. There are several types of video input devices that allow you to play video from an external device on a video display.


Media Players

Media players are devices that play any sort of media. These include physical media players such as VCRs, DVD players and Blu-ray players, as well as digital media players such as DVRs and streaming video players such as the Roku Netflix player and other Netflix-supported devices.


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Video Game Consoles

Video game consoles play video game media. These include the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Some hand-held consoles such as the PlayStation Portable can also function as a video input device with an optional video output cable. Also, some video game consoles can play other video media such as videos from a media server or streaming Netflix or Hulu.


Satellite/Cable Receivers

Satellite and cable receivers are set-top boxes (STB) that allow you to receive a decrypted video signal from your satellite or cable service provider. This allows you to receive broadcast TV and subscription channels as well as optional services such as video on-demand and DVR recordings.


Digital Cameras

Digital cameras can also function as video input devices. Most digital cameras, including still cameras and video cameras, include video output ports such as composite or HDMI ports; these ports allow you to connect the camera to a TV to view the photos and videos form the camera. Digital cameras can also be connected to a computer to transfer photos and videos.