How to Right Click on a Touch Screen

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Most tablets use touch-screen technology.
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Touch-screen tablets and monitors make it easy to perform simple navigation tasks with your finger or stylus, but at some point you might want to use the right-click command to quickly access context-specific shortcuts. The right-click command can still be performed on a touch screen using only your finger or stylus.


Step 1

Press your finger or stylus on the screen at the point where you want to right-click.

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Step 2

Hold down your finger or stylus for about a second, or until a circle or square forms around the touch point.

Step 3

Lift your finger or stylus from the screen. The right-click menu will appear.


If the square or circle doesn’t appear, or it takes too long to appear, you may need to adjust your touch settings. In Windows, swipe in from the right side of your screen, select “Search,” and then select “Settings.” Type in “touch,” and then select “Pen and Touch” from the results, which opens a panel that allows you to adjust your settings.