How to Right Click on an iPad

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All iPad navigation is done through touch.

Because the iPad does not have a mouse, or many physical buttons at all, it may not seem like you can "right-click" as you would with a computer. However, even the touch-sensitive screen of this tablet computer can facilitate the same basic right-click functions. Like almost all the commands done on an iPad, the right-click equivalent must be done using a touch command -- namely, pressing and holding.


Step 1

Locate a link, page or image on which you wish to "right-click."

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Step 2

Press and hold your finger on the item for about five seconds. A menu appears with options such as "Save," "Copy," "Paste," "Select" or "Open in New Page."


Step 3

Lift your finger and tap the appropriate option. If you don't want to select any option, tap the page outside of the menu.


You can't "right-click" in every app. "Right-clicking" in different apps and on different objects will give you different options.