How to Roll Up a Pull Down Projector Screen

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Projector screens can provide a cost-effective alternative to large-screen televisions for viewing media with a projection system.They take up less space than a traditional television set and can be easily rolled up if you wish for it to remain out of view. If you are currently using a manual pull-down projection screen to view media and wish to roll it up, you can do so manually. Rolling up your pull-down projection screen can allow you to store the screen in small, compact areas.


Step 1

Grip the handle located at the bottom of the projector screen. If the projector screen uses a stand instead of the wall, the handle may be located on the top of the screen.

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Step 2

Pull down on the handle of the projector screen until the screen can no longer move. For a screen on a stand, you will pull upward on the handle.


Step 3

Stop pulling down and allow the screen to automatically roll upwards. For a screen on a stand, the screen will roll downwards.



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