How to Adjust a Dell Laptop Screen

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Adjusting the Dell laptop screen reduces eye fatigue and makes computing more comfortable.

The built-in screen on a Dell laptop can be adjusted in several ways, from changing the brightness level to setting the resolution or merely tilting the screen for a better view. Some adjustments can be made using the hotkeys on the keyboard. Changing screen resolution involves going into the Control Panel in the Windows operating system and adjusting the settings with a few mouse clicks.


Step 1

Adjust the physical position of the laptop screen by pulling forward on the top of the screen or pushing backward to change the viewing angle.

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Step 2

Decrease screen brightness by holding the Fn key while pressing repeatedly on the down arrow key. Brighten the screen by holding the Fn key and pressing repeatedly on the up arrow key.


Step 3

Click the Microsoft "Start" or flag button on the laptop screen and click once on "Control Panel" to begin navigating toward the resolution controls.

Step 4

Click "Display Settings" or "Adjust Screen Resolution," depending on the Windows operating system, to open a new window.



Step 5

Click and hold the left mouse button on the slider control under "Screen Resolution" and drag the control to the desired setting to change screen resolution. Then click "Apply" and "OK" to close the window and return to the main laptop screen. The screen may blink briefly while applying the new settings, which is normal.




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