What Is a Multimedia Projector?

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Because people learn information in different ways, modern presentations in classrooms and businesses often use a variety of methods, including moving pictures and sound. Multimedia projectors are utilized in such presentations as well as for home theater use.


Using a multimedia projector, you can show a DVD, video, slide show or television program on a large screen with color and sound. Multimedia projectors allow for presentations that can be used for work functions, classroom instruction or enjoyment of films and television at home.


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Multimedia projectors can be connected to computers, VCRs, DVD players and cable boxes. The images transmitted from the device are then transmitted into a special digitized light that is reflected on thousands of mirrors within the projector, which shines the image onto a screen.



Ultralight multimedia projectors weigh less than 3 lb. and are ideal for people who frequently use projectors for presentations on the road. Conference room projectors are heavier and brighter, making them better suited to large rooms. Fixed multimedia projectors used in auditoriums or in high-quality home theater setups weight over 100 lb. and have the clearest and brightest pictures.




Some multimedia projectors are equipped with remote controls, making them easy to use from any point in a room. Multimedia projectors may also be designed to handle types of formats used to prevent media piracy throughout the world, which allows them to play any type of movie, including those encoded with NTSC, SECAM and PAL formats. They also might include memory capabilities that allow them to project computer-based presentations without being connected to a computer.



Typical multimedia projectors start around $800 and range in price up to $40,000. High-end projectors for professional use in large auditoriums can sell for as much as $200,000.



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