What Is Difference Between a Beamer & a Multimedia Projector?

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Projectors are useful in presenting media displays to an audience.

Multimedia projectors come in many styles and are available worldwide. They are used in classrooms, offices and homes. Although multimedia projectors serve the same purpose throughout the world, their colloquial names in other countries are not always the same.


Multimedia Projectors

Multimedia projectors use a lamp and a lens to project smaller images onto a large screen. These projectors can be connected to DVD players, computers and other media sources. They are popular choices for giving presentations and showing films.


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"Beamer" is a word used in European countries that is synonymous with "projector." A European beamer has the same standard equipment and serves the same purposes as an American projector.



There is no difference between a beamer and a multimedia projector, except for their names. Of course, there are differences between the functions and capabilities of all projectors, but those differences are determined by brand and style.





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