How to Round Up to the Next Value in Excel VLOOKUP

VLOOKUP data may be too precise for your needs.

The VLOOKUP function in Microsoft Excel searches an array for a value and returns a corresponding value in a neighboring cell. The function itself doesn't support any sort of manipulation, including rounding, for the data it returns. Excel does, however, offer a separate function for handling this -- the ROUNDUP function. You can embed a VLOOKUP function within a ROUNDUP function, letting VLOOKUP produce a value for the other function to round.

Step 1

Double-click the cell that contains the VLOOKUP function. The cell, may, for instance, contain the formula "=VLOOKUP(C57,C2:D54,2,0)."

Step 2

Insert the code "ROUNDUP(" into the function, producing, with this example, "=ROUNDUP(VLOOKUP(C57,C2:D54,2,0)."

Step 3

Add a comma to the end of the formula, then the number of decimal places for the rounded result. Then add a closing bracket. For example, if you want to round up to the nearest integer, use the number "0," giving: "=ROUNDUP(VLOOKUP(C57,C2:D54,2,0),0)."

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