How to Run an EXE File in Linux

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If you're new to the world of Linux operating systems and tried to run an .exe file, then you've probably become a little frustrated that the file won't install as easily it does on Microsoft Windows. That's because special software is needed to install and run .exe files. Fortunately, that software is available for free.


Linux and .EXE

Step 1

Visit the WineHQ web page to download free software to get started. On the main page, click on the "Downloads" link. Then click on the link for your specific version of Linux, for example "Ubuntu" or "RedHat."


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Step 2

Follow the on-screen setup, and install directions for WineHQ. Each install will vary slightly since Linux operating systems follow their own installation processes.

Step 3

Double-click on the installer file. Follow the on-screen directions to install. If the installer file does not launch, open a "Terminal Windows" and type in the file directory; for example "cd ~/Desktop" followed by "Wine fileinstall.exe" where "fileinstall.exe" is replaced by the file name.



Step 4

Run the .exe file either by going to "Applications," then "Wine" followed by the "Programs menu," where you should be able to click on the file. Or open a terminal window and at the files directory,type "Wine filename.exe" where "filename.exe" is the name of the file you want to launch.




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