How to Write a Bin File to CD

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BIN files are complete disk images that can be written to CD.

Unlike an executable installation file, a BIN file is an entire disk image of a game or program CD. In order to run the program, the BIN file or disk image must first be written or burned onto a CD-R disk. To write a BIN file to CD you will need a CUE file as well. A CUE file is a list of instructions for burning the BIN image. Sometimes the corresponding CUE file is missing when you download a BIN file. The good news is if the CUE file is missing they are easy to create.


Step 1

If you don't have a CUE file, right click on a blank space in the folder where the BIN file is located. Select "New Text Document." Once the document opens, select "File" then "Save As."

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Step 2

Name the new document the same name as your BIN file using a CUE extension. For example, if your BIN filed is named "mygame.bin," name the new document "mygame.cue", then click "OK."


Step 3

Type "FILE "mygame.bin" BINARY" in the new CUE file (replace "mygame.bin" with the name of your BIN file), then hit "Enter." Type "TRACK 01 MODE1/2352", and then hit "Enter" again.

Step 4

Type "INDEX 01 00:00:00", then in the toolbar select "File" and "Save". Next, close the document. Note that all quotes should be omitted except those surrounding the BIN file name.


Step 5

Insert a rewritable CD into your CD burner and wait for it to load. Close out of any Window's prompts asking what you would like to do with the disk.


Step 6

Open your CD/DVD disk burning program. From the toolbar, select "File" then "Open."


Step 7

Select "All Files" from the File Type drop down menu. Browse to the CUE file you created, then hit "Enter."

Step 8

Select the "Burn" tab. Make sure "Disk at Once" is checked, and then select "Write." Once the BIN image is written to the CD, eject the disk. Load the disk again to make sure it was written correctly.




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