How to Schedule Syncs on Android

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By default, Android devices automatically sync with Google services, such as Gmail and Talk. The sync happens instantaneously and you cannot choose to schedule it at certain times or intervals. You can only turn it off, unless you use a third-party application. You can schedule how often your Android syncs with other email services. Some apps that sync with the Internet also include the ability to schedule when they sync.


Step 1

Turn off automatic sync for Google services. Press the "Menu" button and tap "Settings." Tap "Accounts & Sync." To turn off automatic sync for all accounts, tap "Auto-Sync" to uncheck it. If you only want to turn off one Google account, tap it in the list of accounts to see what services are available for it. Uncheck the boxes next to each service.


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Step 2

Download a third-party app to schedule syncs. Tap "Market." Enter "schedule sync" in the Search field. You will see a list of apps for your Android device. Depending upon what version of Android you have, different apps will be available to you. Tap "Install" to download and install an app of your choice.


Step 3

Schedule syncs for other email services. Tap "Email" and press the "Menu" button. Tap "Account Settings" and "Inbox Check Frequency." Select an interval from the list.


Step 4

Schedule syncs in other Android apps, if available. Every app is different and many don't allow you to schedule how often they sync. In most apps that do allow you to change the sync schedule, press the "Menu" button while in the app. Tap "Settings," "Options" or "Preferences." Tap "Synchronization" or "Sync."



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