How to See The File Name When Viewing Pictures on An iPhone

By George Tinari

File names attached to photos on a desktop computer are helpful when you organize and sort them because you don't have to view the photos themselves for identification. However, the Photos app on the iPhone does not display each photo's file name, even though every iPhone photo has one. You can **view these file names either by connecting your phone to your computer or by using one of several apps** designed for this purpose.

Use Your Computer

Without downloading or purchasing any apps, use your PC to view file names for the photos on your iPhone. Connect your iPhone to the computer using its USB cable. Then click the **Start** menu and open the **Pictures** app. Click the **Search** icon and start typing **Pictures** to find the app if it's not immediately visible. In any blank area, right-click and select **Import** from the menu and then choose the iPhone. Depending on how many photos you have, importing could take a minute or two. When the process is complete, all the iPhone's photos are displayed on your computer with their file names.

IPhone Apps

If you want to view the file names of photos right on your iPhone, download an app. A few apps capable of revealing photo file names are [Photo Investigator](, [Photo Metadata Reader]( and [Photogene]( for free, 99 cents and $2.99, respectively. For example, in Photo Investigator, tap the **Choose Photo** button to select a photo and view its metadata, which displays the file name. Swipe left or right to switch to another photo in your library. Tap **Metadata** and **View** to see its file name.