How to See The File Name When Viewing Pictures on An iPhone

At one time, if you wanted to take a photo, you had to bring a camera along with you. Now, a camera is on every smartphone, which means that is likely where all your photos are. However, when you need to know an iPhone photo name, it can be far trickier than you think to find it. There are several ways to see an iPhone camera image number or name, whether on your phone, using your computer or through an app.

Image Credit: Blackzheep/iStock/GettyImages

Get iPhone Photo Name

While there are other ways to get an iPhone photo filename, this hack saves time. To get the filename of a photo on your phone, open the photo and choose the "Share" icon at the bottom of the screen. Then, tap the "Save to Files" option. In the pop-up, you'll see the iPhone camera image number or name. After you note the filename, tap "Cancel." This is the easiest way to look up a single photo, but if you need to search for a specific photo or need multiple filenames, your best course of action is to either move your photos to a computer or download an app.

Get Name Using Computer

If you need multiple filenames or you happen to have your phone hooked up to your computer, you can find an iPhone photo filename by importing the photos to your PC or Mac. Go to your Photos app and choose "Import" and "From a USB Device." If your photos are on the iCloud, you need to get the iCloud desktop app to view them. For Mac users, either import the photos or find them in iCloud. Your photos import with the filename attached.

Search for Photos by Name

The Photos app is designed to make managing your photos easy, which includes helping you find photos by the iPhone photo name. Photos are organized on the phone differently depending on your iOS version, but you can always find them by the camera image number or photo name. To do this, import the photos and then use the search feature on the computer to input the exact filename. If you only know part of it, enter that instead, and all relevant filename matches show up.

Get Name Using Special Apps

If you regularly need to determine an iPhone photo filename, an app is probably the best option. With ViewExif, you can view metadata on every photo you take on your iPhone, including file names, sizes and dimensions. PowerPhotos makes it easy to search for specific photos by filename, description, keywords and faces.