Where Are My iPhone Pictures Located on My PC?

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Import iPhone photos to your computer's hard drive for safekeeping.

When you take photos or videos on your iPhone, you can download them to your computer and save them to the hard drive during the synchronization process. If you want to print these photos or refer to them at a later date, you'll need to know exactly where they're saved on your PC.


Importing Photos

When you connect your iPhone to your Windows PC, an auto-play dialog box will appear on your computer screen. Within this box, you have the option to either import photos and videos to your computer or to view the files on the device. If this dialog box doesn't appear, go to "Computer" within the Start menu. You'll find your iPhone in the "Portable Devices" section.


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Import Settings

Once you select the option to import photos and videos, you'll be prompted to create an optional tag for the imported photo that you can use later to search for saved photos on your computer. If you click on the "Import Settings" link in this dialog box, you'll also have the option to select the import location on your computer, select a folder name and select a file name.


Pictures Folder

All of the photos you save to your PC will appear within the Pictures folder of your computer. To access this folder, go to the Start menu and click on "Pictures" in the right-hand menu. By default, photos uploaded from your phone are placed in a folder named with the import date. If you also added a tag for the photos, it will appear after the import date.


Photo Tags

If you created a recognizable tag for your photos, such as "iPhone," you can search by tag to group all of your iPhone photos together. This can be helpful if you have photos saved in different folders and aren't sure where specific images are located. Options to sort images by tag are located within the main picture folder on your computer, as well as in every individual subfolder.