How to Set Up a Conference Call on GoToMeeting

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Many employers, educators and organizers will often find it difficult to gather all necessary participants in one room to disseminate necessary information. GoToMeeting allows you to schedule a conference call with participants all over the world. With GoToMeeting, you can setup a conference call using VoIP and/or telephone. The meeting is quick to setup and hold. Participants should avoid using mobile or speaker phones since these types of devices can create static noise during the conference.


Step 1

Right-click on the GoToMeeting icon in the computer's system tray.

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Step 2

Select "Schedule a Meeting" in the GoToMeeting application.

Step 3

Enter the title or name of the meeting in the "Subject" line, select a date, and enter a start and end time.


Step 4

Choose the type of audio under "Audio." The options are: "Provide VoIP only" which requires all participants to have a microphone, "Provide a Conference Call Number Only" which requires everyone to dial the GoToMeeting conference number, then enter an access code and PIN, "Provide Both" which allows participants to choose between audio and VoIP, and "Provide Your Own Conference Call Information" which allows participants to call a private number you provide. If you provide a private number, enter it in the field below this option.



Step 5

Click "Schedule" and a meeting invitation email will launch immediately. Select the participants from the list of saved contacts or add new participants in the corresponding fields, then click "Send." GoToMeeting will also email you meeting instructions. Forward those instructions to all participants.


Step 6

Manage the conference call. Turn off your call waiting. Advise participants to mute their phones by pressing the "Mute" button or dialing "*6" at the start of the meeting to avoid static noise.



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