How to Set Up an HDTV Antenna

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An indoor digital antenna should face a broadcast tower.
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When you no longer want to subscribe to a TV service and wish to save on cable bills, try an indoor digital antenna. If your HDTV is within 15 miles of a TV station or broadcast tower, this antenna may receive the digital signals needed for good reception. Connecting the wires and adjusting the antenna will help you enjoy hours of broadcasting at an economical price.

Connecting the Antenna

Step 1

Power off your HDTV and carefully reposition it to display the ports for easy access.

Step 2

Connect the antenna cable to the TV's cable antenna or VHF/UHF input port, usually located on the side or back. Rotate the cable's F connector clockwise against the port to fasten.

Step 3

Connect the free end of the cable to the antenna's output jack.

Step 4

Connect the power supply cord to the antenna and plug it into an electrical outlet.

Step 5

Move the antenna away from the TV to minimize electronic interference and point the antenna toward a broadcast tower. For example, open a window and move the antenna to face outside.

Remote Control Settings

Step 1

Press the "Menu" or "Home" key on your remote control and press the down-arrow key until the "Channel" or "Channel Settings" option is highlighted.

Step 2

Press the "Set" or "+" key and navigate to the "Signal" setting. Press the arrow key to highlight the Antenna setting and press "+" to confirm.

Step 3

Cycle through the channels to assess the reception on your TV. Reposition the antenna to improve the picture quality, if necessary.


Purchase an antenna that receives all TV frequencies, not only UHF or VHF signals.

If you power on your TV and cannot see any channels, press the “Input” key on your remote control and then press the “TV” option to view your channels.

Place your antenna away from electrical devices that interfere with reception. Examples include fluorescent light transformers, computers and power tools.

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