How to Speed Up an Eee PC

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The Eee series of laptop computers from Asus Computers are, for all intents and purposes, as capable as any other laptop PC. This means that there is as wide an array of things you can do to improve your Eee's performance as there is for almost any Windows-based computer, whether it is a laptop or desktop model. However, because the Eee is difficult to upgrade once purchased, these methods will become more and more important as time passes and newer programs are released.


Step 1

Defragment your computer by opening your Start menu, entering your "Accessories" folder, opening your "System Tools" folder and clicking "System Defragment." This brings up the disk defragmenter software, where you can select the drive you want defragmented and then click "Defragment disk." This essentially sorts all your computer's files so that they are easily indexed and can be called on more quickly than otherwise.


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Step 2

Shut off certain unneeded start-up programs by opening your Start menu and typing "MSCONFIG" into the search bar. Press "Enter," and your System Configuration screen appears. Click the "Startup" tab and uncheck the boxes next to the programs you don't want to have boot when your computer starts. When done, click "Apply" and then let your computer reset. The reduced strain on the computer during start-up allows your Eee laptop to run more smoothly.


Step 3

Delete unused and unwanted programs and files. By freeing up space on your hard drive, your Eee laptop has an easier time finding and opening programs and files.

Step 4

Overclock the processor in your Eee laptop by restarting the machine and pressing "F8" at the Asus splash screen at computer start-up. This takes you into your BIOS, where inside your "Chipset Features Setup" submenu you can increase the speed of your processor by increasing the front-side bus speed, or the multiplier of the FSB. Once done, press "F10" to save your settings and exit your BIOS.



Tips & Warnings

  • Defragment your Eee every few weeks to keep it running smoothly.
  • Use caution when overclocking your Eee laptop, as the increased processor speeds will both increase the running temperature and drain your battery more quickly.



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