Description of a Laptop

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A laptop is a portable computer.

Laptops are computers that you can take everywhere with you without hassle. They can take up very little space and be used for hours without access to power.



Laptops vary in size and weight.

Laptops come in various sizes, which usually refer to the size of the display. They range from a 10-inch to an 20-inch for mainstream laptops. Their weight ranges from a couple of pounds to over 9lbs.


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Laptops also come in different resolutions.

Besides size display, laptops comes in various resolutions ranging from 1280x800 to 1920x1080. The display also comes with glossy and matte coating and energy saving features.



Laptops have different speed hard drives.

Laptop hard drives are smaller than desktop hard drives and are available in three speeds, depending on the energy savings and performance such as 4500, 5400, and 7200 RPMs (rotations per minute).




Laptop processors and video cards are less powerful than the desktop computer.

Laptop processors and video cards are designed based on the desktop processors, but are created with low power in mind. They are usually less powerful than the desktop computer.



Laptop batteries vary greatly from under one hour to over ten hours.

Battery life will depend on the battery capacity noted in watts per hour and the laptop power consumption. Laptop battery life varies greatly from under one hour for gaming laptops to over 10-hours for small laptops.




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