How to Spin a Disco Ball

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Spinning a disco ball requires a spinning motor.

Making a disco ball spin is not a complicated process. All you need is a spinning motor. Many stores that sell disco balls also sell the right kind of motor to get the disco ball spinning. To enhance the appearance of the spinning disco ball, you will also need a light to shine onto the ball to create beautiful reflections across the floor and walls. In no time, you can dance under the bright and twinkling spinning disco ball.


Step 1

Locate the ceiling studs with the stud finder. Mark their location with a pencil. Determine which stud you want to hang the disco ball from

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Step 2

Mount the mounting bracket to the ceiling stud using long screws and a power screwdriver. Make sure the screws are firmly attached to the ceiling and will not budge, even if you pull on the bracket with several pounds of pressure.


Step 3

Attach the motor to the mounting bracket. Some motors may attach with screws, while others may click or slide into place. Check your owner's manual if you are not sure what kind of attachment your motor should use. Some motors come pre-attached to the mounting bracket.

Step 4

Tie a piece of fishing twine or string to the top of the disco ball. Only use this attachment method if the disco ball is less than 2 pounds. If the disco ball is heavier than that, then attach an "S" shaped ring to the hook in the top of the disco ball.



Step 5

Attach the other end of the "S" hook or the fishing twine to the hook in the bottom of the spinning motor.

Step 6

Connect the motor to a power supply. The cord is probably too short to reach, so you will need to connect it to an extension cord Attach the cord to the ceiling by screwing it in place with brackets. This will keep the cord out of the way. Run the cord across the ceiling and down the wall to the nearest plug.

Step 7

Turn on the motor and watch the disco ball spin.

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