How to Attach Binocular Straps

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Binoculars are a handy tool when it comes to birdwatching, hunting, scouting or surveying land. Binoculars are manufactured in a variety of sizes and range of optics, some as small as the palm of your hand, and others as powerful as a small telescope. Wearing binoculars around your neck is a convenient way for users to have instant access to the tool. The process of attaching a strap to binoculars is largely universal, and interchangeable with many different models of binoculars.


Step 1

Locate the strap brackets or loops on the sides or top of the binoculars. The strap brackets can be distinguished by a small latch, loop or bracket-like structure on the binoculars.

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Step 2

Run one end of the strap through the loop and back over onto the strap. Fasten it in place or place it through the belt slip on the strap. Repeat for the other side of the strap. All straps will vary slightly in their fastening mechanism.



Step 3

Adjust the straps length by releasing the slack out of the strap. The strap may have a sliding buckle, which you can slide away from or toward the binoculars to shorten or lengthen the strap to suit your needs.




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