How to Split a Page Into Four Parts in Microsoft Word

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How to Split a Page Into Four Parts in Microsoft Word
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Microsoft Word provides you with a very standard-looking page when you open a new document, but the program's tools allow you to customize your pieces in many ways. The table function is useful for more than standard tables. This tool can also be used to separate your document into a series of boxes. The ability to split up your page in this manner is a handy trick whether you're creating a simple decision table or separating your page to turn it into a series of identical fliers.


Step 1

Open a blank Word document. The easiest way to set up a page with four sections is to start with a brand new document rather than editing an existing one.

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Step 2

Open the "Insert" tab at the top of the window. Click "Table" in the "Table" group and select "Insert Table." Click "Draw Table." Drag your mouse to highlight an area that is two boxes wide and two boxes tall. If you prefer, you can also enter these dimensions manually by typing in the numbers under the "Table Size" option.


Step 3

Adjust the size of the table to meet your needs. The new table will originally appear with each row only as tall as a single line of text. Drag the edges of the table and the dividers within the table to adjust the size.

Step 4

Use the ruler on the top and side of the Word screen to make your four parts the appropriate size. Depending on the purpose of the document, you may need identically sized boxes, or you may want boxes with varying proportions.